Principal Investigator
Dr. Quinn Thomas - Assistant Professor Dr. R. Quinn Thomas
Graduate Student Team Members
Benjamin Ahlswede

Ph.D. Student

Completed M.S. in 2015

Joshua Rady

Ph.D. Student

Michael Graham

Co-advised Ph.D Student with Dr. Meghan O’Rourke (VT Horticulture)

Geospatial and Environmental Analysis Program

Wyatt McCurdy

M.S. Student

Undergraduate Student Team Members
Laura Puckett

Class of 2019 Environmental Informatics major

Dr. Kevin J. Horn

Post-doctoral Scientist

Current: AAAS Science and Technology Fellow at USAID

Dr. Tom O’Halloran

Assistant Research Professor 2015-2016

Current: Assistant Professor at Clemson University

Annika Jersild

M.S. Student 2016

Current: Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech